Guestplan develops new features for restaurants

The end of the year is approaching and that means the holidays are just around the corner. An uncertain period for the hospitality industry that will mainly be filled with brunching and dunching. As a well-known table reservation system of many restaurants, Guestplan has experienced first-hand the influence of 21 months of COVID misery. We can only take our hats off to all those business owners who do everything they can to keep up the courage, to keep their doors open and continue to do business creatively and flexibly.

New e-commerce platform

For this reason, Guestplan continues to develop new tools and possibilities for its users so that they can stay close to their own business and their guests. In this period of crisis, there are companies that have been forced to close their doors where someone else is lucky and can create a moment of growth. Guestplan certainly did not sit still last year. Despite the closure of the hospitality industry, a completely new e-commerce platform has been developed. The former eTender has been re-branded into Guestplan and raised to a very high level. And this is just the beginning.

Data driven information

Soon Guestplan will also offer business owners valuable data-driven information via our platform. As a restaurateur, you get even more insight into who visits your restaurant and when through advanced statistics, reports and KPIs. Be able to respond to this openly and hospitably by approaching the guest in a way that suits your restaurant best. Therefore, early next year we will present a system upgrade for sending newsletters to your guests with endless possibilities.

In addition to our advanced software, marketing and planning tools, we also remain easy accessible for staff who will join your team at the last minute.

Guestplan will continue to be ready for all its customers in 2022 with new cutting edge technology for competitive prices. We hope that 2022 will give the hospitality industry some air again. That the hard work and powerful work ethic of the past 21 months will be rewarded with full restaurants and fun being an entrepreneur.